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Lawyer in Pécs? Meet dr. Zsófia KÁRPÁTI, attorney-at-law!

Meet or Pécs based attorney-at-law, dr. Zsófia KÁRPÁTI

Meet our Pécs based attorney-at-law, dr. Zsófia KÁRPÁTI

Are you in search of top-notch real estate legal services in Pécs for your property dealings? Navigating the options can be complex, especially with the plethora of skilled lawyers within the Pécs Bar Association (Pécsi Ügyvédi Kamara). 

As the lead attorney at e-ingatlanügyvédek.hu, I witness the uniqueness of each client and transaction daily, bringing distinct challenges to our team. My years of experience have shown me the undeniable value of a lawyer who is not only well-trained and seasoned but also empathetic. This empathy is not just a professional requirement but the core of our practice, ensuring that each client feels understood and supported.

This philosophy of empathy and expertise is embodied by our exceptional team, particularly our Pécs based member, Dr. Zsófia Kárpáti. Whether you're in Pécs or Baranya county and need legal assistance for residential or commercial property transactions, or if you require expertise in drafting gift contracts, Dr. Kárpáti's approach is tailored to meet your unique needs. Her expertise, coupled with a deep understanding of the local market and legal intricacies, ensures that your real estate journey is in capable hands. Continue reading to discover more about how she can assist you in navigating the complexities of real estate law.

Extensive experience in real estate law

Dr. Zsófia Kárpáti, as the principal attorney at Kárpáti Ügyvédi Iroda serving Pécs and Baranya County, specializes in real estate law, focusing on transactions involving used residential properties, industrial buildings, and agricultural land. Her expertise extends to setting up usufruct rights, resolving land disputes, overseeing guardianship authorizations, and handling municipal property deals.

With her strong foundation in classical civil law (polgári jog), our colleague is equally adept in corporate law (társasági jog) and economic mediation. Fluent in both Hungarian and English, she is well-equipped to handle diverse legal needs.

We offer our expert legal services at a competitive rate:

Service NameFee (Gross)
Sale and purchase agreement for residential used property (Base fee)0.45% of the purchase price (min. 150,000 HUF; max. 450,000 HUF)
Bilingual document drafting: Base fee + 150,000 HUF
Handling of deposit1% of the deposited amount per year (calculated with a 365-day year), but at least 130,000 HUF
Drafting a sale and purchase agreement for movable property50,000 HUF
Drafting a usage agreementFrom 100,000 HUF
On-site visit (signing outside the office)30,000 HUF
Transaction authorization counter-signing for buyers50,000 HUF
Drafting and counter-signing a sale and purchase agreement for non-residential property, land registry administration0.75% of the purchase price
Legal advice regarding the purchase of a new build property (1+1 hour)49,000 HUF
Pre-purchase legal advice (1+1 hour)49,000 HUF - the fee will be deducted from the work fee related to the drafting of the sale and purchase agreement later
Drafting and counter-signing a preliminary agreement100,000 HUF - the fee will be deducted from the work fee related to the drafting of the sale and purchase agreement later

How does a real estate transaction work?

At e-ingatlanugyvedek.hu, our role extends beyond mere legal advice; we become your ally, steering you meticulously from the first meeting to the ultimate transfer of property rights. Our approach is streamlined, clear, and always centered around you, the client.

Here's a concise roadmap for our clients embarking on property acquisition in Pécs:

  1. Negotiation - Establishing a mutual agreement to sell and purchase between the seller and buyer.
  2. Engaging a Real Estate Attorney - Crucial professional support for all involved parties.
  3. Assessing and Handling Legal Risks - Reviewing the property title for any issues.
  4. Crafting the Purchase Agreement - Facilitating further negotiations, with legal guidance as needed.
  5. Executing the Purchase Agreement - Legally endorsed, can be done remotely via video conferencing.
  6. Land Registry Formalities - Completion required within 60 days.
  7. Property Handover - Transitioning utilities included.
  8. Seller's Income Tax Submission - Mandatory on the sale earnings.
  9. Acquisition Tax Payment by the Buyer - In compliance with tax authority notifications.
Search for our downtown office in Pécs, Mátyás király utca 8

Search for our downtown office in Pécs, Mátyás király utca 8.

Our offer for sellers

I've noticed that selling real estate can be as nerve-wracking for sellers as it is for buyers. Sellers sometimes worry if the buyer's lawyer will impartially represent their interests, particularly if the lawyer happens to be a friend or acquaintance of the buyer. Also if the lawyer only meets with the seller during the signing of the sale and purchase contract, how could he/she give advise about tax optimization or anything else?

If you think you can benefit from personalized legal advice and a relationship with a lawyer that prioritizes your own needs, consider our specialized services for sellers!

Property Law and empathy

During my initial meeting with Zsófia, we engaged in an in-depth discussion about the goals and innovative practices of online real estate lawyers, as well as the importance of an ethical approach in civil representation. In the midst of our conversation, her phone interrupted us. Apologizing, she took the call — clearly, for her, clients are always the priority.

On the other end was a young couple, seemingly perplexed by the complexities of a loan for expectant parents. I overheard Zsófia skillfully guiding them through the intricacies of state-funded aids, offering unsolicited yet valuable advice on maximizing benefits under the 'CSOK' program — Hungary's family housing support. This snippet of conversation I inadvertently caught revealed Zsófia's deep commitment to her clients' best interests, affirming my belief that she was the compassionate advisor we needed in Pécs.

The testimonials of her colleagues and clients I've encountered since only reinforce this impression. They consistently praise her for her extraordinary empathy and patience — vital qualities in legal counsel. Coupled with her professional expertise and vast experience, it’s her client-focused demeanor that truly sets her apart. Clients entrusting their land dealings to Zsófia do so with confidence, knowing she listens with care and advocates for them with passion and dedication.

How to contact us 

The real estate market can be complex, but with the right legal guidance, it's a journey you can navigate with confidence. Meet Dr. Zsófia Kárpáti and our dedicated team at e-ingatlanugyvedek.hu. We're committed to providing top-notch legal services with clear, upfront pricing.

In navigating the Hungarian real property market, understanding the financial implications is crucial. Our comprehensive guide, 'Costs of Buying Property in Hungary - Legal Fee, Purchase Tax, Realtor’s Commission, and More,' offers an in-depth look into the expenses you can expect during your property purchase journey. Moreover, if you're an international buyer, don't miss our essential read, 'Buying Property in Hungary as a Foreigner? Here is What You Should Know About Real Estate in Hungary!' This article demystifies the process and regulations specific to foreign investors, ensuring you're well-prepared for a smooth transaction. Explore these resources to gain valuable insights and confidently navigate your real estate venture in Hungary.

Get in Touch If you're ready to discuss your property legal matters, Dr. Kárpáti is here to help! Email us at [email protected] or reach out through our various contact options listed below.

Together, we'll ensure your real estate experience is seamless and successful!


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Dr. Illés Géza Márton, budapesti ügyvéd a 2009-ben alapított Dr. Illés Géza Márton Ügyvédi Iroda és az e-ingatlanügyvédek.hu vezetője. Szakterülete az ingatlanjog, az M&A tranzakciók és a vállalatfinanszírozás.
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