Dr. Illés Géza Márton

Dr. Illés Géza Márton

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Lawyer in Szeged? Dr. Dávid Magyar – Property Expert at Your Service

Property lawyer is the heart of Szeged

Property lawyer is the heart of Szeged

Considering a property transaction in Szeged? Whether you're buying an apartment or selling your holiday home, the importance of expert legal guidance can't be overstated. In a field crowded with skilled members of the Szeged Bar Association, finding the right lawyer is crucial.

As the leader of at e-ingatlanügyvédek, I've seen firsthand the vital role of local insight and professional expertise. Clients value not just these qualities, but also a tailored approach and transparent pricing. If you're seeking a highly qualified lawyer with rich experience in optimizing real estate taxes and duties, you've come to the right place. Allow me to introduce you to Dr. Dávid MAGYAR!

Property expert attorney in the heart of Szeged

With his deep-rooted expertise in real estate law, Dr. Dávid Magyar, hailing from Szeged, is a highly skilled lawyer with a diverse portfolio. His professional journey encompasses a variety of significant projects, including working on industrial property deals, overseeing major condo developments, assisting with the construction of new family homes, and handling transactions involving agricultural properties. Notably, our partner excels in integrating legal expertise with cutting-edge technology, especially in emerging fields like the tokenization of real estate.

Out teammate’s proficiency extends beyond local horizons, encompassing both Hungarian and international business law. He adeptly caters to the needs of clients from Hungary and abroad, offering services in company establishment, guiding through business transformations, and acting as a legal representative for foreign companies in Hungary.

Dr. Dávid is renowned for his unwavering commitment and extensive professional experience, ensuring that every client receives unparalleled legal service. Fluent in both Hungarian and English, he is well-equipped to manage a broad spectrum of legal matters with great skill and precision.

We offer our expert legal services at a competitive rate:

Service NameFee (Gross)
Sale and purchase agreement for residential used property (Base fee)0.45% of the purchase price (min. 150,000 HUF; max. 450,000 HUF)
Bilingual document drafting: Base fee + 150,000 HUF
Handling of deposit1% of the deposited amount per year (calculated with a 365-day year), but at least 130,000 HUF
Drafting a sale and purchase agreement for movable property50,000 HUF
Drafting a usage agreementFrom 100,000 HUF
On-site visit (signing outside the office)30,000 HUF
Transaction authorization counter-signing for buyers50,000 HUF
Drafting and counter-signing a sale and purchase agreement for non-residential property, land registry administration0.75% of the purchase price
Legal advice regarding the purchase of a new build property (1+1 hour)49,000 HUF
Pre-purchase legal advice (1+1 hour)49,000 HUF - the fee will be deducted from the work fee related to the drafting of the sale and purchase agreement later
Drafting and counter-signing a preliminary agreement100,000 HUF - the fee will be deducted from the work fee related to the drafting of the sale and purchase agreement later

Understanding real estate transactions

At e-ingatlanugyvedek.hu, we do more than just offer legal counsel - we partner with you, guiding every step from initial consultation to the final transfer of property rights. Our methods are efficient, transparent, and always focused on your needs as a client.

For those looking to acquire property in Szeged, here is a clear pathway we provide:

  1. Negotiation: Reaching a mutual decision between the seller and buyer for sale and purchase.
  2. Engaging a Real Estate Attorney: Essential expert assistance for all parties involved.
  3. Legal Risk Assessment: Examining the property's title for potential problems.
  4. Drafting the Purchase Agreement: Assisting in additional negotiations, offering legal advice where necessary.
  5. Executing the Purchase Agreement: Officially sanctioned, possible to conduct remotely via video call.
  6. Land Registry Completion: Must be finalized within a 60-day period.
  7. Property Handover: Includes transitioning of utilities.
  8. Seller's Income Tax Declaration: Required on the profits from the sale.
  9. Buyer's Acquisition Tax Payment: Aligning with notifications from tax authorities.
Real property deals - reach out to our expert attorney

Real property deals - reach out to our expert attorney

Our offer for sellers

The process of selling property can be just as daunting for sellers as it is for buyers. One common concern among sellers is whether the buyer's attorney will fairly represent their interests, especially in cases where the attorney is personally acquainted with the buyer. Moreover, when sellers only interact with their lawyer at the time of signing the sale and purchase agreement, it raises questions about receiving adequate advice on matters like tax optimization.

For sellers seeking tailored legal guidance and a lawyer-client relationship that focuses on your specific needs, our unique services are an ideal solution!

Expertise and personal connection - The hallmarks of a good lawyer

I was introduced to Dr. Dávid Magyar by a close colleague. While developing the e-real estate lawyers concept, my colleague frequently suggested we consult Dávid for his insights on software solutions that could enhance our client services.

During our initial meeting, Dávid proved to be not just helpful in this area, but also instrumental in saving a client of ours millions in hefty property transfer taxes through his innovative approach. Learning from a colleague is always rewarding, particularly when their expertise can benefit our operations across the country!



Navigating the complexities of the Hungarian residential real property market becomes smoother and more reassuring with expert legal help. Welcome to the world of Dr. Dávid Magyar, your guide and ally in property law, stationed at his Szeged, Kálvária sugárút law office. Our promise is to deliver exceptional legal assistance, paired with straightforward and transparent pricing.

Navigating the Hungarian real estate market's complexities requires a clear understanding of its financial aspects. Delve into our detailed guide, 'Costs of Buying Property in Hungary - Legal Fee, Purchase Tax, Realtor’s Commission, and More,' for a thorough examination of the various expenses associated with property acquisition. Furthermore, if you are a foreign investor, our must-read article, '

' is tailored for you. It clarifies the procedures and rules unique to international buyers, equipping you with the knowledge for a seamless property transaction. Utilize these insightful resources to adeptly steer through your real estate endeavors in Hungary.

Ready to delve into your property-related legal concerns? Dr. Magyar is just an email away at [email protected], or you can connect with us through the numerous contact methods provided below. Let's start this journey together!

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Dr. Illés Géza Márton

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Dr. Illés Géza Márton, budapesti ügyvéd a 2009-ben alapított Dr. Illés Géza Márton Ügyvédi Iroda és az e-ingatlanügyvédek.hu vezetője. Szakterülete az ingatlanjog, az M&A tranzakciók és a vállalatfinanszírozás.
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He specializes in a wide range of real estate law areas, including industrial property deals, major condominium developments, new family home constructions, and transactions involving agricultural properties. His expertise also covers optimizing real estate taxes and duties, making him particularly skilled in handling diverse property-related legal matters.