Dr. Illés Géza Márton

Dr. Illés Géza Márton

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Legal Consultation in Budapest by Expert Lawyers

Legal counseling by the experts of e-ingatlanügyvédek.hu

Legal counseling by the experts of e-ingatlanügyvédek.hu

Welcome to e-ingatlanügyvédek.hu, Budapest's premier destination for comprehensive legal consultation in real estate matters. Our team of expert lawyers is adept at navigating the intricate landscape of property law, offering tailored solutions that address your unique needs. 

Whether you are involved in purchasing, selling, leasing, or developing property, our seasoned legal professionals are equipped to provide you with guidance that is both astute and actionable. Entrust your real estate legal concerns to us and experience the assurance that comes with exceptional legal expertise.

Navigating the complexities of Hungarian law requires proficient legal consultation and comprehensive legal advice. At e-ingatlanügyvédek.hu, our seasoned attorneys located at Mammut Shopping Center, specialize in offering unmatched legal representation in the heart of Budapest. Our law office is catering to a diverse clientele ranging from individuals to companies seeking guidance on Hungarian legalities.

Our team is well-versed in various branches of law, and consultation is tailored to each client's unique requirements:

  1. Real Estate Law - Legal support for transactions, sales, and development.
  2. Commercial Law - Contracts, resolution of commercial legal disputes.
  3. Corporate Law, M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) - Company court and competition authority proceedings, corporate acquisitions.
  4. Financial Law - Corporate financing; credit and bespoke contracts.
  5. Labor Law - Template contracts, sample documentation, legal disputes.

Hungary's legal landscape can be complex, and our law office in Budapest stands ready to assist you with the high-quality services you deserve. Whether it's contract negotiations, property transactions, or corporate proceedings, our firm is equipped to protect your interests. We're cognizant of the need for precise and affirmative action, which is why our company has crystalized a reputation for excellence and efficacy.

Our Hungarian legal experts, devote themselves to the provision of superior counsel, with an emphasis on accuracy and due diligence. If you're embarking on a real estate venture, involved in company contracts, or finding yourself amidst legal proceedings, don't hesitate to contact us. We stand as a pillar for those in need of legal protection and representation, assuring you a dependable law firm experience.

E-ingatlanügyvédek.hu Central Law Office at Mammut Shopping Center

E-ingatlanügyvédek.hu Central Law Office at Budapest's Mammut Shopping Center

Meet Our Budapest Team

When you're in need of proficient property legal advice in the heart of Hungary, it's crucial to choose a team that embodies not only exceptional qualifications but also an impressive depth of experience, coupled with a client-first philosophy. Our Budapest team is composed of highly capable legal experts, each bringing a unique strength in various aspects of real estate law, ensuring your legal requirements are handled with utmost professionalism and skill.

Dr. Judit Anna SZABÓ
An esteemed attorney with a robust background in real estate law, Dr. Szabó is a pioneering member of e-ingatlanügyvédek.hu. Her expertise spans across residential property dealings to legal diligence in major investments and industrial property transactions. Known for her innovative and empathetic approach, she stands out in her field.

Bringing a rich tapestry of experience in real estate dealings, Dr. Kosztoványi's proficiency includes residential, commercial, industrial properties, and agricultural lands under land traffic law. A member of the Budapest Bar Association since 2005, his legal prowess extends to corporate acquisitions and joint ventures. His extensive representation of both Hungarian and international companies is augmented by his active involvement in the Hungarian Tennis Association's executive board.

With a varied background in public administration and legal counsel in state companies, Dr. Mártvai-Kiss's expertise encompasses real estate, corporate procedures, agricultural land transactions, and litigation.

Dr. Barbara Nóra TENYÉR
A powerhouse in real estate law, Dr. Tenyér has successfully managed over a hundred residential property transactions. Her expertise includes usage partition, land development, servitudes, sale of monuments, and agricultural lands. She also contributes to legal support in the film and television industry.

dr Illés Géza Márton, attroney-at-law

Dr. Géza Márton ILLÉS, founder of e-ingatlanügyvédek.hu

Dr. Georgina HORVÁTH
Specializing in civil litigation and administrative law alongside her real estate law expertise, Dr. Horváth is a summa cum laude graduate from Eötvös Loránd University. Her legal acumen is a significant addition to our team.

Dr. Dóra KOZMA
With a focus on family homes and semi-detached house transactions, Dr. Kozma also brings substantial expertise in labor law and civil litigation.

Dr. Dorottya MÁRKUS
An expert in real estate law, corporate acquisitions, competition law, and corporate law. Dr. Márkus offers a comprehensive and holistic legal support to her clients.

Business and Legal Consultation in Hungary

We offer comprehensive legal consultation in the heart of Szeged, Pécs and Kaposvár as well. At e-ingatlanügyvédek.hu, our attorneys with national coverage specialize in delivering top-notch legal advice and representation that align with the particularities of Hungarian and international private law.

Our attorneys are well-versed in the Hungarian corporate environment and equipped with the expertise to counsel on company formation, compliance, and representational duties. It's crucial for our clients' success to have accurate legal representation when dealing with the Hungarian authorities or engaging in transactions within the competitive market of Budapest and beyond.

Business and Legal Consultation in Hungary

Business and Legal Consultation in Hungary

Attorneys Specializing in Hungarian Real Estates and Taxation

Seeking legal consultation in Budapest can be pivotal for individuals and companies navigating the complexities of Hungarian real estate and taxation laws. At e-ingatlanügyvédek.hu, our attorneys are well-versed in the intricacies of local legislation, providing comprehensive legal advice to those who require it. 

In Budapest, our seasoned attorneys extend their expertise to facilitate legal proceedings, ensuring that your interests are protected, whether concerning residential or commercial property. Aligning with a reliable partner like dr. Tibor Szabo from our firm can make a significant difference in the outcome of real estate transactions and tax-related matters. 

Furthermore, our proficiency in navigating competition law ensures that clients receive advice that is robust and forward-thinking. At e-ingatlanügyvédek.hu, we pride ourselves on drafting and reviewing contracts with precision, understanding that clear and enforceable agreements are the bedrock of successful business dealings and property transactions. 

Clients looking for a dependable lawyer are encouraged to contact our law office for a consultation. We cater to both individuals and companies, offering strategic legal advice that encapsulates all aspects of Hungarian property law and its confluence with business operations.

Legal Consultation in Budapest

Legal Consultation in Budapest

Property expert lawyers offering video consultation

Navigating the intricacies of property law requires a seasoned attorney who can provide comprehensive legal consultation and adeptly handle legal representation. At e-ingatlanügyvédek.hu, our team of expert lawyers offers exceptional legal advice through progressive video consultations, allowing access to our services with ease to both local and international clients. With a profound understanding of the nuanced Hungarian legal landscape, our law office delivers personalized advice and forms a robust representation for diverse legal matters.

The attorneys at e-ingatlanügyvédek.hu pride themselves on their extensive knowledge and expertise, offering legal advice in fluent English to serve our international partners effectively. Whether you're contending with complex claims, seeking consultation for business matters, or require guidance on Hungarian real estate transactions, our attorneys are your reliable company cornerstone.

As a client-centered law office, we understand the significance of transparent communication and informed consent; hence, we meticulously elucidate all details pertaining to your case, ensuring you are fully empowered in your legal journey. Our services are tailored to cater to both private individuals and corporate entities, allowing us to partner with a diverse array of clients who trust us to safeguard their interests and assert their claims competently.


In conclusion, securing the services of proficient legal professionals is pivotal for navigating real estate intricacies in Budapest. With a client-centric approach, our attorneys focus on your specific needs, whether they pertain to contract law, property disputes, or other legal challenges. We take pride in our ability to furnish clients with an attorney who is not just a legal adviser but a strategic partner, capable of navigating through legal complexities with ease and efficiency.

Trust e-ingatlanügyvédek.hu for legal consultation that is anchored in deep-rooted knowledge, responsive service, and a commitment to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients. 

For custom offers, please contact us at any of the contact details below!


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Dr. Illés Géza Márton, a Dr. Illés Géza Márton Ügyvédi Iroda vezető ügyvédje, egyben az e-ingatlanügyvédek.hu vezetője. Szakterülete az ingatlanjog, az M&A tranzakciók és a vállalatfinanszírozás.
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At e-ingatlanügyvédek.hu, we specialize in a comprehensive range of real estate legal services. This includes assistance with property transactions (buying, selling, leasing), legal due diligence, property development, and navigating regulatory compliance. Our experienced lawyers are adept at handling both residential and commercial real estate matters, offering tailored solutions to meet your unique requirements.